Gutterball Goldenpin Bowling Trailer for iPad01:05

Gutterball Goldenpin Bowling Trailer for iPad


Do you have the Golden touch? Play Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling and show 'em that you do! If you've been waiting for a bowling game on iPad that will make you say "Wow! Holy Cow!" and exceed your expectations, THIS is the bowling game to play!
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 GUTTERBALL BOWLING HIGHLIGHTS:☆ It's a true bowling game with dazzling graphics and great pin physics☆ Clean & crisp throwing action lets you spin your bowling ball perfectly☆ Golden Pins reward you for bowling well, and get you new bowling gear☆ Awesome Power Ups, including a BOMB, a SPLITTER, and a STEERING WHEEL FEATURES:☆ Incredibly unusual bowling alleys and fantastical bowling balls☆ Funny commentators who voice their opinion on every bowling throw☆ House, Style and Effect bowling balls to unlock, each more awesome than the last☆ Bowlers who spin the ball can earn up to 3x multiplier on their GP☆ GameCenter enabled with 6 Leaderboards and 40 bowling achievements INCLUDED IN THE FULL VERSION:☆ 2 Additional Bowling Alleys - Pumpkin Fields, Cosmic Alley☆ 5 Colorful Bowling Commentators☆ 3 Free Bombs, 3 Free Splitters, 3 Free Steering Wheels☆ 10,000 Golden Pins are Included

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